90th Contracting Squadron

Emergency Repair Roof, Building 1151 WSA

PKS was contracted by F.E. Warren (FEW) AFB to perform emergency roof repairs to the standing-seam metal roof (SSMR) on Building 1151 in the Weapons Storage Area (WSA). A portion of the WSA Building 1151 roof was ripped away due to high winds, leaving the remaining metal roof unsecurely attached. PKS performed the following work:

  • Emergency roof repairs to WSA Building 1151, including removing damaged portion of roof and secure all remaining edges to the structural deck;
  • Safely removed the building’s damaged lighting protection system;
  • Performed full inspection of the roof structure to assess current conditions and determine full extent of damage;
  • Completed pull test to assist in determining recommended repairs and future design;
  • Provided summary report and prepare a cost proposal for recommended repairs;
  • Installed new SSMR, associated trim, and new permanent fall protection system on WSA Building 1151 high roof;
  • Replaced all insulation with weather damage under the high roof;
  • Provided 20-year TremCare Warranty package, including one inspection visit per year by a Tremco representative.