Department of the Air Force, Langley AFB

Demolition of Six Buildings

Langley AFB, VA

PKS was contracted by the USAF, Langley AFB, Virginia to demolish six reinforced warehouse storage buildings located at the Ammunition Supply Depot. PKS personnel during 3 phases removed and recycled 65% of stored materials inside the building, inspected and abated asbestos tile and insulation, filed all appropriate regulatory reports using properly trained personnel. PKS provided twelve specialized pieces of heavy equipment utilizing shears, long reach excavators, dozers and many dump trucks to complete the project. When challenged with reinforced rebar PKS safely conducted hot work operations keeping the project on time and budget. This while working in a fully operational secured ammo storage facility. PKS was please to deliver the project 3 weeks in advance of a September deadline closing the main base route of entry into the facility.

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