Environmental Protection Agency – Tower Chemical Site

Soil Remediation Action Tower Chemical Superfund Site

Clermont, FL

PKS was retained by the EPA – Region 4 to clean-up Tower Chemical Site to the State of Florida residential level. Major cleanup elements included: excavation 49,850 cubic yards of contaminated surface and shallow subsurface soils that exceed soil remediation goals, with consolidation and off-site disposal of contaminated soils (roadways were created for excavation and stockpile storage); wetland delineation and delineation of contaminated sediments in the off-site wetland and surface water discharge areas; clearing and grubbing of trees into mulch and used during wetland restoration phase; performed dewatering operations during excavation as well as dewatering of excavated soil; analyses were performed on disposal soil, backfill, soil, and water; site restoration and re-grading.

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