U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Fire Alarm Upgrade

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile – Fire Alarm Upgrade West Palm Beach VA Medical Center, WPB, FL

Polu Kai Services, LLC was contracted by the Mobile District Corps of Engineers in September 2010 to provide complete demolition and construction services for the fire alarm system in accordance with the supplied VA Designer construction drawings and specifications for the main hospital building, the parking garage, the CLC Building and the Fisher House at the West Palm Beach VA Medical Center.

The fire alarm system upgrades included the demolition of existing system components and the installation of new addressable smoke detectors, duct detectors, heat detectors, manual fire alarm boxes, sprinkler waterflow and tamper supervisory valves, addressable monitor modules and control relay output modules, magnetic doors hold-open devices, fire alarm audio and visual notification appliances, interconnection with access control systems, HVAC systems and smoke dampers and all other components necessary to provide complete and code-compliant fire alarm systems.

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