Building a better environment, one partnership at a time.

Integrity At Work

At PKS performance is key to our success and integrity is the cornerstone of our foundation. We apply blue collar and hard hat work ethic to each project we perform. Our strengths lie in our ability to successfully manage and perform multiple tasks simultaneously while maintaining accessibility, responsiveness, competitive pricing and procurement integrity.

As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we have a diverse and multi cultured staff of construction and environmental professionals and are proud to have women, veterans and minorities in key positions throughout the company.

Exceeding Expectations

We embrace the principle that clients are the most critical aspect to the economic viability and success of our company. We value our clients and we promote the building of relationships that produce positive results. We leverage our small size and experienced staff as assets in our personal commitment to your project’s success. You simply won’t find a company more committed to excellence.

We appreciate the opportunity to exceed your expectations.