AIM Space Renovation, Building 13 – National Institutes of Health

PKS was awarded the AIM Space Renovation Task Order to convert various office spaces into bio-optics labs and replace AHU #8. The new AHU serves the new renovated areas but also serves additional existing labs of NIBIB.  This project accommodates the NIBIB imaging team’s need for their ongoing research.

Scope of Work:

  • The existing lab areas (four laboratories with two offices and corridor areas) and the new lab areas (seven laboratories with one office and corridor areas) are served by the new AHU #8 with VFT supply and independent ECM controlled return and exhaust fans, dedicated exhaust fans for two rooms and hot water reheat coils and ceiling supplemental grade AHUs

  • The new AHU installed under this project also serves user’s existing functional labs. This project was performed in phases in order to ensure that the existing labs will not be down longer than 10 business days

  • The new system includes HEPA filtered unit (AHU-8), duct mounted steam humidifier, duct mounted hot water reheat coils along with computer grade air handling units with SCR electric reheat coils, steam canister humidifiers and industrial grade logic controllers which are interfaced with building existing Siemens system

  • The existing space was used as office space for IT offices and has been renovated to accommodate bio-optics research. Research conducted in the new labs space require the rooms to be controlled at +/- 1.0 Fahrenheit

  • Existing domestic water, sanitary drain and vent lines were extended to a new sink in BSC and incubators lab. The new computer grade unit humidifiers are provided fileted domestic cold water

  • The program requires compressed gas room for this project. The new gas room includes N2, CO2, O2, O2+ CO2 mix in pairs of tanks. The tanks were distributed to each new laboratory bay

  • PKS piped the vacuum and compressed air from the building subbasement. A filter was needed to provide for compressed air in the tank room. The compressed had to be piped to six of the laboratory’s optical tables


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