Repair/Renovate Cleveland Commercial Gate, Tyndall AFB – US Air Force

PKS was awarded a D/B contract  to restore the operational capacity of the Cleveland Gate which serves as the commercial entry control point for Tyndall Air Force Base (AFB). Commercial vehicles are processed through this gate to gain access to Tyndall AFB.

Scope of Work: Design; Site Preparation; Signage & Traffic Control Devices, including the gate identification sign, gate procedures sign, MUTCD standard guide signs, lane designation signage, drop bars and other devices; New Utility Infrastructure including power, communications, lighting, water, wastewater and storm water to support the renovated gate facilities; Pavement and Pad Construction, B2600 Guard Shack Minor Renovation, and B2610 Guard Shack Minor Renovation.

Exterior work includes saw-cutting existing concrete paving and providing new handicap-accessible ramps for ingress and egress to/from the building. New post supported canopy systems will be provided for the main building entrance and existing communications room.

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