National Institutes of Health

Environmental & Demolition Services, NIH, Bethesda, MD

PKS is contracted by the NIH for Facility Characterization Assessment, Biomedical Remediation, Demolition and General Environmental Cleanup and related services for the removal of radioactive materials, hazardous chemicals, and intrinsic hazardous materials in infrastructure, hazardous substances arising from facility operations, mold growth, spores, lead paint, animal dander, perchloric acid hoods and mercury at the Bethesda campus buildings.

The project has involved asbestos abatement, mercury decontamination and full or selective demolition (contamination related demolition) which is defined as Phase 3 work. The work is the continuation of laboratory chemical decommissioning and will be preceded by Phases 1 and 2 under a separate contract.

Phase 3 includes demolition by PKS, necessary so that the entire space can be assessed and contaminants removed prior to renovation. This work has been done as required in an effort to get rid of “legacy” contamination from NIH Buildings and not as part of any renovation project. Items that have been removed so that a full and complete assessment can be made have included the following:

  • Removal of all asbestos contaminated debris, including pipe insulation, floor tile and mastic, paneling
  • Decontamination of all hot spots of mercury on floor and mastic, sanitary lines, sink trap, etc.,
  • Removal of all utility lines and piping to the chases.
  • Removal of all shelves, brackets, countertops and sinks.
  • Removal of partition walls and temporary walls as necessary
  • Block wall removal and disposal as necessary
  • Floor tile and mastic removal (non-contaminated) as necessary

Over 50 labs, offices, and hallways, as well as entire floors, have been abated as part of the Laboratory Abatement Services Contract.

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