U.S. Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit Providence

Repair RWH & FWH, USCG Airstation Clearwater

Polu Kai Services was awarded a contract for repairs to the fixed-wing hangar (FWH) to include: replace missing bolts in building frame; replace hangar door outriggers; replace damaged wall and roof flashing; repair and improve doorframes; provide additional wind-clips to roof areas; provide additional wall girts; and cleaning, priming and repainting structural elements.   These repairs are critical to keep this forty-year old hangar operational for C130 aircraft maintenance and repairs and is phased to allow the maintainers to operate in the aircraft in the three sections not currently being repaired.  This work involves a great deal of coordination and flexibility with eth USCG AIRSTA Clearwater being a high tempo of operations facility that covers a great deal of coastline.

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